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Houston Spanish Speaking Psychotherapists

Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC


I am an experienced and trusted bilingual psychotherapist, providing psychotherapy services in Houston, Texas since 1999.

My approach to psychotherapy keeps in mind that for psychotherapy to be effective and provide lasting change, a non-judgmental approach is required by the therapist. It is hard enough to tell someone those things that are painful and sometimes embarrasing. My experience as a therapist recognizes that change can only take place in an environment of trust. I endeavor to provide my clients with the kind of environment where they are safe to explore and learn about themselves.

In addition to my work as a psychotherapist, I am also a teacher, giving classes and workshops related to achieving understanding of ourselves and our relationships. Teaching is part of my psychotherapy approach and people often tell me that they appreciate my ability to help them clarify and make sense of their difficulties.

I was an attorney in my first profession. As a former lawyer and as a business owner, I bring my knowledge of professional and vocational issues to my work with psychotherapy clients.

My private practice includes both in-person services in a comfortable private office located near Rice Village and the Medical Center of Houston, as well as Telehealth (Teletherapy) options for persons physically located in the State of Texas.

professional psychotherapy services

With the support of certified specialists in the area

  • Master in Clinical Psychology – University of Houston Clear Lake – 1999

    This program included training in behavioral and cognitive therapy methods that have clear scientific support for their effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Analytical (Jungian) Psychology  – Interregional Society of Jungian Analysts from 2001 to 2011

    This course of study was in Depth Psychology. This training emphasized the role of early experiences (childhood) on later beliefs and behavior, the use dreams and other symbolic material in naming and identifying issues, and the use of expressive techniques for healing.

  • MBTI Certified Practitioner – 2011

    Training in administering the MBTI personality test. I use understanding of personality differences in my work with couples, relationships, and issues involving vocational satisfaction.

  • Doctor of Jurisprudence – University of Texas – 1992

    My first career was as a lawyer. I practiced for seven years. I worked primarily in the area of family law. I bring my understanding of professional practice to my psychotherapy work with lawyers, professionals, and business owners.

  • Psychotherapist in Houston

    I have provided psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and groups since 1999.

  • Teacher/Lecturer, Jung Center of Houston

    I am a teacher and lecturer on issues related to psychological functioning. I have been teaching at the Jung Center of Houston since 2003 incuding teaching their 2-year extensive introduction to Jung and Analytical Psychology. Many of my classes and lectures can be found online at the Jung Center of Houston Website. Lectures include the pragmatic use of dreams in identifying areas of concern, identifying issues with shame and how shame impacts a person’s day to day functioning, and understanding Carl Jung’s concept of complexes which are formed predominately by our early relationships and which infuence how we interpret the things that happen to us, and how we react to others.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Instructor at Jung Center of Houston.

Psychotherapy in English and Spanish

Contact methods

    • 713 528-0315

    • 5311 Kirby, Ste. 112, Houston, Texas 77005

  • Clinical Schedule:
    Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 hrs

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